Rockin' K Ranch

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Welcome to Rockin K Ranch: The best destination for all things horses in northeast Ohio! Our farm is designed to provide the utmost comfort, care, and enjoyment for both horses and riders. Let's delve into some of the remarkable features you can find at our facility:

Two Expansive Indoor Arenas

Our farm features two indoor arenas - one measuring 100' x 220' with a dust free footing, and another heated arena measuring 80' x 220' for private lessons.

Spacious Outdoor Arena

Enjoy our 200' x 300' outdoor arena, providing ample space for various equestrian activities and a beautiful setting for riding.

Miles of Scenic Trails

Explore our extensive trail system that winds through picturesque woods and meadows, allowing you to experience nature while riding your horse.

Heidi and Jack Kohl

Nestled in Northeastern Ohio for over 40 years, Rockin' K Ranch is a welcoming and safe haven for horse enthusiasts of all levels. Founded by Jack and Heidi Kohl, their genuine love for animals, appreciation of the outdoors, and commitment to building an authentic community remain unchanged.

At Rockin' K Ranch, we prioritize a drama-free environment, where riders can embrace the joy of horses and feel right at home. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our farm offers top-notch facilities and a warm, supportive atmosphere to create lasting friendships and unforgettable equestrian experiences.

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Let you horse help you find your people

At Rockin K Ranch, we are not just a facility but a vibrant and close-knit community of horse enthusiasts. We believe in fostering meaningful connections and friendships among our riders, trainers, and staff.
Whether you are a beginner seeking guidance, a seasoned rider looking to excel, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these magnificent animals, you'll find yourself welcomed with open arms at Rockin K.

Embracing Equine Freedom: Letting Horses Thrive at Rockin K Ranch

At Rockin K Ranch, we believe in honoring the essence of horses. We provide ample outdoor turnout opportunities, allowing these magnificent creatures to revel in their natural instincts. Our large pastures, thoughtfully designed with loafing sheds, create a haven where horses can roam, graze, and form lasting connections with their fellow equine companions. We understand that social interaction and the freedom to express natural behaviors are vital to their well-being. By letting horses be horses, we create an environment where they can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. At Rockin K Ranch, we cherish the spirit of these magnificent animals and strive to ensure their happiness and fulfillment.